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Il Fait Jour is a French pastry shop & factory located in Kawasaki Japan. Since our establishment in 2004, we have been creating our attractive and unique recipe, based on the traditional classic Southern-France methods.

Our pastry chef, Chikao SHISHIDO has the background of planning and manufacturing the highest quality confectionery in the most famous restaurants in Ginza, Daikanyama, and Shirogane, Tokyo. After winning numerous awards, he opened his own shop and factory "Il Fait Jour" to pursue the most delightful confectionary for the customers.

The ingredients we use - wheat, butter, salt, milk, cacao, chocolate, nuts, sugar, fruits, etc. - are all carefully selected, even with the smallest amounts used in our sweets. We repeat producing prototypes until we find the best method, combination and mixture to maximize the synergistic effects of the ingredients. This all results in our delicate and deep gourmet taste.

To produce the highest quality of flavor, texture and color, we research the whole world, investigate the climate, soil, production & processing methods of the producing area, negotiate and develop our own original route for the highest and safest quality of confectionery ingredients.

Every single confectionery piece is our soulful artwork, handcrafted with no compromises, and will be provided to you with our full confidence. "The best ingredients with the best methods" - we assure you can feel the innovative breeze of Southern France from our masterpieces. Come and experience the unforgettable taste of joy in Il Fait jour!

Origin of the name "Il Fait Jour"

The origin of the shop name "Il Fait Jour" comes from a French phrase meaning "sunrise", "dawn", or "rise of a new day. We named our shop to continue seeking the endless possibilities of the French style confectionary. and produce the exceptional treats for the next generation.


Our shops are located in 3 areas ( Asao Main Shop & Factory, Shin-Yurigaoka L-MYLORD, Atre Kichijoji ), and we are very pleased to announce the opening of our new Chocolate Speciality Store "Oasis" in Oct 2023. See our Contact & Access page for further information.

Special events in other locations and facilities

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  • Odakyu Machida
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  • Isetan Shinjuku
  • Isetan Sagamihara
  • Lazona Kawasaki Plaza
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  • Odakyu Shinjuku
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